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Professional Painting & Decorating Services in London!

K&M Painter & Decorator is committed to getting the job done. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and to make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.

Paint interior including preparation of; washing, stripping, sanding, repairing cracks
walls using either a brush, roller or a combination of both.

K&M Painter & Decorator in London, our painters and decorators are here now more than ever to assist you in your painting and decorating needs, as well as enlightening you with some expert tips and knowledge to apply during this time. If this isn’t the perfect time to plan your longing residential painting and decorating project, then we’re not sure what is! Create a haven and the interior you’ll feel most comfortable in, as we focus being indoors and growing as individuals and designing a home which will keep you positive and motivated! Why is this the best time to plan your painting and decorating job? Our painting and decorating team are here to help you prepare!

Planning your painting and decorating project

When planning a painting and decorating project in your London home, there are many elements and themes which need to be explored. Avoid the urge and sense of rush and spend this time in thinking and finalizing your plan to create the perfect residential space through painting and decorating!

1. Consider your budget – It is critical to approach a realistic and honest mindset to your finance before planning your renovation and transformation.

Our painters and decorators work with suppliers such as Farrow & Ball, Little Greene and Dulux, depending on what fits your desired budget. You want your painting and home renovations to last a long time, so consider high-quality products to avoid another soon renewal.

2. Layout and rearranging space – As you are now more observant of your home and are aware of minor details which might need a bit of touching up, you can create and go through a list of everything you wish to renovate, change and modify. Want your house to feel larger? Subtle changes, such as painting with lighter shades, will enlarge your room and add more light.

3. Suppliers – Our painters and decorators may not have the complete freedom to go to stores and purchase or view paints; however, suppliers are still delivering products to your home while your order them online. Now is the perfect time to explore some paint options which you can test for your painting and decorating project! Order a few samples to test in your desired room; this will allow you to have a clear vision of the perfect paint color that suits your interior.

Our painting and decoration company is here to assist you and offer our high-quality services as much as we can during this time as cheap as possible

K&M Painter & Decorator  Professional Painting & Decorating Services in London!
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